Rákóczi street is one of Budapest's major streets, it connects the Keleti railway station with Astoria. Atrium Fashion Hotel is located halfway between the two. It is ideal to walk on this road until Ferenciek tere where you may find yourself in the middle of Váci street.

Rákóczi street

Blaha Lujza square is just around the corner! This hub connects you with all the major bus, tram and metro line and is very near the hotel! Make your stay more convenient by booking your room next to the Blaha Lujza square.

Adresse: Blaha L. tér, Budapest, Hungary
Blaha Lujza square

Did you know that Budapest is full of the best ruin pubs in the world? Our hotel is an ideal starting point for a pub crawl in the city center because most ruin pubs are located very near: Kazinczy street, Akácfa street, Blaha Lujza square, Nagymező street.

Ruin pubs around the hotel
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