Farsang Donuts - The best carnival dessert

A delicious traditional Farsang dessert is the Farsang donut from our grandmothers' best recipes

Farsang - Carnival season of Hungary

It is time for Farsang! Farsang means the carnival season in Hungary and it refers to a period full of merriment and fun. Children usually dress up in costumes, people eat traditional Farsang donuts and take masquerades. And what is the aim of all these noisy and funny activities? To scare off the winter!

Budapest Winter Invitation Tuk-Tuk

A bohemian way to explore Budapest and its secrets is using a tuk-tuk. Budapest Winter Invitation package allows you to choose and combine the best tours and activities which you might be interested in. Book the package and you will get 20% off the tuk-tuk tour!

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